Call Centre Quality

Call Centre Quality – Our Philosophy

Alongside the huge number of call centre metrics that we monitor, quality assurance of our agents is constantly in progress. This quality monitoring is combined with our call metrics to build an on-going picture of agents’ performances. We can quickly identify if any agents are not meeting their KPIs and develop action plans to improve their performance. This is something that is constantly in progress to ensure that the overall performance of the call centre is of a consistently high level.

Importantly, it is this attention to call centre quality that most impresses our clients. We take the attitude that we must match our clients’ enthusiasm and focus towards their customer service.


Call Centre Quality – Categories Measured

All agents are regularly audited – experienced agents receiving five full audits per month. Trainee agents receive a higher number of audits until they are deemed experienced. In addition, any agents whose behaviour is concerning the call centre management may receive a higher number of audits.

There are a number of quality areas they are audited and recorded, totalling a possible 100%. The expected call quality score is 80% – at Pulse we enjoy an average call quality of 88 to 90% across all our clients.

  • Call Opening and Greeting – 5% of total evaluation
  • Compliance Met – 9% of total evaluation
  • Provided Empathy, Personalisation, and took Ownership – 15% of total evaluation
  • First Call Resolution – 15% of total evaluation
  • Look for Opportunities to Add Value – 10% of total evaluation
  • Active Listening Skills – 9% of total evaluation
  • Voice Quality – 9% of total evaluation
  • File Note Completed – 15% of total evaluation
  • Closing Statement – 5% of total evaluation


Call Centre Quality – Calibration Process

All the call centre auditors must attend regular calibration sessions to ensure that our call quality process is consistent across all auditors. This involves regular sessions reviewing our quality evaluation process and running test evaluations across the same calls. At Pulse, even our auditors must undergo regular quality assurance processes so that our high levels of call centre quality is maintained.


Call Centre Case Study

We have an independently audited process for calls handled by us for one of our major clients. Pulse is one of three call centres across which all the calls are shared. On any given day, Pulse would handle approximately 500 to 700 calls for this client.

Call quality is measured monthly by the client across all three call centres. On a consistent monthly basis, Pulse Call Centre is obtaining a quality average well above the 80% target measure.

The results speak for themselves. This doesn’t happen by accident – this is the result of focused on-going management and a determination to provide quality call centre services.

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