Why Choose Pulse

Pulse Business Solutions maintains a focus on the end result. We strive to deliver for our clients and to add value wherever possible. It’s not enough for us to simply complete a project; we work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations each and every time.

Pulse’s customer service representatives are selected based on their campaign suitability, and are trained and managed to ensure they deliver high-quality customer interactions.

The benefits of using Pulse call centres include:

  • Superior service to all customers, consistently delivered.
  • Highly trained agents that can handle complex calls and associated tasks.
  • Improved control over operating and labour costs.
  • Access to the latest technologies and call centre facilities without the burden of capital expenditure.
  • Positive and flexible responses to new initiatives.
  • Professional friendly Kiwi voices dealing with your customers.
  • Extensive call centre experience, assisting your campaign to achieve outstanding results.
  • Customised reporting on project activities and costs versus budgeted results.

Pulse Business Solutions services operate to achieve results – that is our focus. At Pulse we strive to make every call to count for our clients and we pride ourselves on providing professional first impressions: in effect, ‘we become you’.

Pulse call centres provide a range of market research fieldwork and inbound contact services for clients in many different industries. The Pulse team regularly:

  • Undertake market research fieldwork
  • Complete mystery shopper projects
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys
  • Conduct in-depth brand perception interviews
  • Provide courteous and efficient inbound call answering
  • Handle complex inbound enquiries
  • Update and cleanse customer databases

Pulse adjusts and modifies campaigns continuously to maximise our success rate and achieve high quality calls. If we’re not getting the required responses or hit rates, the Pulse team will review the campaign and work through the issues with you to see how the project can be improved. Often a small change to a script or modifying our approach can be all that’s needed to increase the success of a project.

We develop scripts that are empathetic to the end customer, focused on generating a positive result from the call. Our call centre agents are always friendly and courteous.

The job doesn’t finish there. Pulse makes sure the outcome of the call is recorded diligently and reported on intelligently. Data accuracy and tailored, timely reporting is critical for measuring success and for providing feedback to clients so campaigns can be continuously improved.

Pulse Business Solutions results speak for themselves. We have a number of on-going and repeat business from highly satisfied clients.