Sharing our call centre expertise

Pulse Business Solutions was proud to host the management of another call centre recently so they could learn what makes us so special. Their senior management had been so impressed by outsourced work that Pulse had done for them, it was natural for them to see if they could replicate our performance in their own call centre. We prepared a training session for the call centre management team and went through a number of key areas, such as workflow management and quality control. It’s great to be able to share our skills with others in the industry and to be recognised as providers of exceptional contact centre products.

We also welcomed two more inbound clients to our ‘family’. It has been a frenetic few weeks but we thrive on pressure and have been impressing our new clients with the flexibility of our services. Our point of difference is that we’ve worked closely with these clients to develop a personalised service that meets their needs – we help them develop a customer service model that will delight their customers and help their business grow. We don’t just answer calls – we become our clients and we embody the same passions they have for their business.