New Inbound Call Centre Clients

Pulse Business Solutions spent this week trying to catch our breath with two new inbound clients being implemented, new training being rolled out for two existing clients, and three outbound lead generation projects in full swing. It’s fortunate that we have such a great team of experienced staff who are well organised. The secret is having the operational plans in place that allow us to handle dramatic increases in volumes – it’s part of the reason that our clients trust us with their precious customers. Give us a call and find out how to get some contact centre ‘peace of mind’.

Prior to last week, the Pulse call centre was also buzzing after we had a new client on-hand to help kick-off a brand new long-term project. It was outbound calling and we had a blast! The client was impressed at how wonderful our skilled agents sounded on the phones and how efficiently they were calling, achieving results far better than the client expected. It was particularly exciting to watch us adding value for a client who does not have the in-house skills for this type of specialised project.

2014 Automotive Survey Prize Winners

Towards the end of 2014, Pulse Research conducted a comprehensive automotive survey across the country. We are pleased to announce the lucky winners of the prize draw, winning MTA vouchers to the value of $2,000: G Hammond, Taupo; G Burke, Auckland; J Powell, Cockle Bay. Congratulations to our winners and thank you again to everyone who provided their valuable opinions as part of this automotive survey. We greatly appreciate our important respondents across all the surveys we conduct and your opinions help to shape future products, drive service offerings, and even influence decisions at the local and national government levels.

The comprehensive automotive survey of 600 new car owners was across a huge range of car brands. This included anyone who had purchased or leased a new car in the last seven years, and also includes private as well as company vehicles. One of the most important aspects of this survey was getting a good cross-section across as many car brands as possible. This posed an interesting challenge in terms of the more exclusive brands of luxury cars. Fortunately, our team are very experienced with surveys and we completed the project on time.

2014: another Great Year for the Pulse Call Centres

Pulse Business Solutions has had a fantastic year and we want to thank all of our wonderful clients. We have an amazing group of clients with whom we share true business partnerships – our philosophy of ‘We Become You’ is put into practice every day. We had a new inbound client come on-board back in April and that relationship has gone from strength to strength – we love taking the calls and look to add value at every opportunity. There is another new inbound client due to start early next year so we are looking forward to an even better year in 2015. Both our inbound and outbound business was strong throughout the year so we look forward to that continuing into 2015.

2014 has also underlined the benefits that Pulse Business Solutions enjoy from being part of a larger organisation, the Key Research Group. Behind the scenes, we benefit from being able to leverage off the expertise and experience across the four separate businesses. It puts us in such a strong position to be able to offer innovative solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. We’re unrestricted in terms of skills and knowledge because we have access to an exceptional pool of talent in both New Zealand and Australia. Bring on 2015!!!

Call Centre Business Continuity Planning in Action

We want to talk about something that went wrong. Our Oamaru site lost the connection to our telephony, which is securely housed in Auckland – a fairly serious situation for a call centre! The fault was traced to the local telephone exchange. Immediately, our Tauranga office stepped in to take over the clients’ calls – it was a seamless transition. For the sole client that is only handled in Oamaru, there was a short outage while we invoked our Business Continuity Plan. A short time later the calls were being professionally handled by our home-based operators. With planning comes peace of mind.

This simply highlights the importance of Business Continuity Planning. It’s about asking the question: what would we do if things go wrong. Issues occur and disasters happen – a professional call centre has a plan to cope with these events. At Pulse Business Solutions we’re lucky; we have two call centre, geographically separated. We share a telephony system that is housed in a purpose built data centre. In effect, we can access that telephony, securely, from anywhere in the world. That gives serious peace of mind to our customers.

And we don’t just think about what we might do when disaster strikes. We have a formal business continuity plan that documents all the steps we will take when a event occurs. This plan is communicated across our wider team and to our clients so they all know what happens if disaster strikes. Importantly, we regularly test our business continuity plan to make sure it all works seamlessly.

Call Centre with Serious Added Value

One of Pulse’s guiding principles is Serious Added Value and we certainly deliver on that every day. For one client, our CSRs must undertake three weeks’ of intensive training and it can take six months before they are fully conversant with all aspects of the job. We’re not just answering calls – we become our client and we provide serious added value, undertaking extremely complex front-line tasks. Outsourcing call centre services is extremely cost effective for our clients and they have the confidence in letting Pulse handle their customer contacts.

Pulse Business Solutions has come a long way since joining the Key Research group of companies and one of our key strengths is our people. We have the advantage of two very stable and mature workforces in Oamaru and Tauranga. In addition, we have built very strong and stable management teams, helmed by two very capable and experienced call centre managers: Candy and Megan. Both managers strive for excellence and delighting the customer; they are also constantly looking at ways to add value.

Call Centre Business Continuity Planning

This month Pulse has been busy updating our Business Continuity Plan. A BCP is a critical component of any serious call centre business to ensure we are prepared for a multitude of disaster scenarios. Fortunately, Pulse has the advantage of having two geographically separate call centres in Oamaru and Tauranga. In addition, our advanced telephony system allows our team to operate anywhere in the country or from home. If you are looking to protect your business and customer communications then check out our website to see how we can help.

We have developed a number of call centre BCP strategies to help us cope with a range of disasters, ranging from a simple system outage all the way through to a major natural disaster. It has been important for us to work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their business continuity requirements and can provide services to meet these needs. One client has even gone as far as to include us as a key component of their call centre business continuity planning. Should anything disrupt their customer-facing capability then Pulse Business Solutions with step up to provide a BCP solution. It underlines the importance we place on providing support for our clients and their customers.

Winning new call centre business

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks with some large prospective clients visiting our call centres in response to RFPs for which we had tendered. We feel a real sense of satisfaction in being short-listed and look forward to winning the new contracts. It underlines our standing as a high-quality call centre business when we can meet all the requirements set out in complex RFPs and have confidence in winning major new clients. If you are looking for an experienced call centre provider to handle your business calls then, please, check out our website to see what we can offer.

The recent RFPs (Request for Proposal) have involved extremely complex requirements covering telephony system capabilities, staff capabilities and training, quality measures, call reporting and recording, and disaster recovery requirements. Across all these requirements, Pulse was able to evidence our ability to comply with the prospective clients’ RFP and, in fact, go beyond what was required. It gives us great confidence in knowing we can provide complex call centre capabilities in a competitive market. At the same time, a characteristic that really stood out was the very ‘Kiwi’ nature of our call centres and our dedicated staff. Being regionally based with call centres in the North and South islands, we have a very ‘local feel’ for customers calling in and low staff turnover, which allows us to maintain a high-quality product.

We Become You

Pulse Business Solutions: “We Become You”. This has been our mantra over the years – our agents are not just taking calls; they are consistently providing outstanding customer service and completing value-add tasks. When “We Become You” it is a total mind-set of taking on the values of our clients and the determination to delight the customer, who is calling into our call centre. It is about providing seamless customer experiences and first call resolution, completing complex customer-facing tasks so our clients can focus on their business. Visit our website and see how “We Become You”.

Pulse Business Solutions: Call Centre or Contact Centre? Put simply: we’ll be whatever you want us to be. Pulse has the advantage of providing flexibility for our clients – we can be an outbound call centre for your market research projects or ‘we can become you’ and provide inbound contact centre services. We have a very experienced team of professionals that are adaptable and customer-focused. The important point-of-difference over our competition is that Pulse can be a call centre or a contact centre: you decide. Visit our website and find out what value we can add to your business.

Call Centre Business Partner

Our exciting new inbound client is up and running; it’s been a busy few weeks! We’ve impressed them with our detailed daily reporting, through which we can provide just the basic call data or a full suite of call metrics. At Pulse we back up our efficient service with regular detailed reporting so our clients have important call data relating to their businesses at their fingertips. We’re passionate about being a true business partner, helping our clients succeed and providing serious added value.

We also have a set of guiding principles that underpin everything we do at Pulse and it’s amazing how often we live those principles without a second thought – it’s just what we do. Something that struck us recently was how much value we add when helping our clients with their customer interaction, especially via the telephone. We’ve built up a great deal of expertise around telephony solutions so we’re often called upon to provide assistance outside of our core call centre services.

Call Centre that cares about its customers

Customer feedback from the end of last year indicated that many clients consider us “part of their family”. That made us feel very proud of the call centre service we provide and it comes about because we really care about our clients. Caring is the most important part to providing good customer service: we want to do an exceptional job and to help our clients succeed. There is also a determined focus on making our call centre better because we care about the service we deliver.

But what does ‘caring’ mean and how can it be measured? This is an important consideration because it’s very easy to say you care about customers but how does a call centre actually measure ‘caring’. With our Pulse contact centres we have established performance metrics that allow us to monitor our agents’ performance. We measure how many mistakes they make and we listen to calls. Agents that truly care about the service they provide make fewer mistakes – that’s simply because they care about the outcome and they take care in their work. At the same time, when we review calls, we have audit components that specifically gauge the empathy our agents show with customers and the care they are taking in doing a good job on the phones.

So, in summary, you can’t just say ‘caring’; you also have to do ‘caring’. Any if you truly care about your customers then it will show in your overall customer service.