New Year; New Call Centre Focus

We are all wondering where 2018 went after a very busy and productive 12 months. It was an exciting year with a new full-time outbound client, using four FTE on challenging calls to their shareholders. There was a lot for our four customer service representatives to learn across a number of services such as rural insurance, retail electricity suppliers, farm management software, and retail fuel suppliers. In 2019, we will continue to service our new client with new services being added for our team to discuss with their shareholders. And with some 60,000 shareholders in total, we expect the calls to continue throughout the year. Meanwhile, our regular inbound clients continue to rely on Pulse Business Solutions for full-service contact centre services, which go beyond the customers’ expectations.

Pulse Business Solutions will continue to provide outstanding call centre services to all of our clients, both inbound and outbound, throughout 2019. A number of our bigger clients continue to grow their business, which means more calls for us to handle in the next year. These trends have continued year on year and bode well for the New Zealand economy. We will look to build our client base in the insurance market where we have enormous expertise developed through many years of service with our existing clients. It is an area that will see a great deal of growth as insurance providers look to manage varying volumes of claims from storms and landslips.

2018 Call Centre Opportunities

We’re into the New Year with a hiss and a roar. The contact centre teams are energised ahead of an exciting 2018. Of course, call centres don’t actually stop taking calls over the Xmas break. Ahead of us we have a number of existing clients who are all experiencing consistence growth, leading to a natural increase in inbound calls. Pulse Business Solutions is also pursuing a number of opportunities, both in New Zealand and Australia. This is led by our new Group General Manager, Robert Young, who is based in Tauranga with the Key Research Group. In addition to our inbound call centre services, we’re also expecting an increase in outbound data cleanse projects and market research fieldwork.

Pulse Business Solutions is seeing a promising growth in the number of clients asking us to handle their data cleanse projects. As all businesses experience, customer data gets out of date very quickly. Our outbound data cleanse services gets customer data refreshed and also provides the opportunity to include ‘warm lead generation’ – it’s an effective tool to generate new leads from existing customers… or customers that have been dormant for a period of time. Australian opportunities are increasing as businesses look to bring their inbound contact centres back to Australasia. We’re also seeing plenty of interest from clients who are fed up with ‘cheap and cheerful’ call centres that lack quality services.

Keeping Databases Current

Pulse Business Solutions has continued to build upon our data cleanse expertise with a number of large projects from new and repeat clients. By using our online interaction tool, we have engaged with our client’s customers through emails, SMS, and phone. The benefit of being a full-service contact centre means that we can also set up temporary 0800 numbers for customers to call us at a time that is convenient and update their details. The combination of online self-completion, email invites, access via mobile phones, and the personal touch via phone means that we have a very high percentage of completion rates. This means that our clients can keep their databases up to date far more efficiently.

We can take one case study, involving a 20,000+ contact database. Pulse Business Solutions used email invites initially for customers to complete their information online. Then we followed up with our outbound call centre team to complete the rest of the database. Not only were the majority of contact details updated, new contacts added, and additional customer information obtained but we were also able to complete some customer satisfaction questions to gather important customer insights. Far from being a simple call centre, Pulse Business Solutions can use a full range of contact centres services – we have the expertise and tools available to provide advanced inbound and outbound contact centre solutions.

Welcome to the New Call Centre Year

The year is certainly off to a roaring start. At Pulse Business Solutions call centre in Oamaru we are busy working on a huge new datacleanse project for a major client. This will initially involve email invitations sent out to tens of thousands of customers asking them to to update their database information. Following that, Pulse Business Solutions will undertake a phone campaign to update the remaining customers. It’s a very exciting project that makes great use of our leading-edge online survey system, Web Survey Creator.

Across the Tasman, our wider group have the first Australian Council Perceptions Monitor kicking off. This is a joint venture between our Key Research parent company and Thinkfield, and includes our brand new field team which has been set up in Melbourne. Very exciting to see our group continue to grow and move into other markets. It’s going to be a busy year right across all of our teams in New Zealand and Australia.

New Business Development Manager

We have exciting times ahead in the growth of Pulse Business Solutions and our parent company, Key Research. We have a number of business development initiatives underway and a new Business Development Manager, Guy Youngman, who is based in Melbourne. Guy joins our New Zealand Business Development Manager, Sam Marshall, in winning new opportunities in both New Zealand and Australia. It demonstrates the determination of our contact centre and market research businesses to continue the exceptional growth that we’ve experienced over the last few years. Guy will be emphasising Pulse Business Solutions’ point of difference: we are a full-service contact centre, offering highly advanced customer service interactions.

Guy will be explaining to prospective clients that “We become you”, providing first contact resolution and a ‘peace of mind’ that we will take great pride in looking after their customers. Indeed, recent directions in the contact centre market have led to a drive towards customer-centricity, which provides the Pulse Business Solutions call centres with a myriad of opportunities. As a business, we’ll keep evolving our products/services. We’ll also keep learning and continually look to provide as much value (relevance) as we can to our clients. Across our whole Key Research Group, we have such a broad service offering, great capabilities in our people, and awareness of the value that we can bring to our clients. What sets us apart is our ability to think laterally and from a client’s perspective and to work in with what the client wants.

Contact Centre Difference

It is important to highlight that Pulse Business Solutions is a full-service contact centre, providing quality first contact resolution for our clients. We differ greatly from simple call centres that provide restricted services. Pulse Business Solutions becomes a seamless extension of our clients, providing uninterrupted critical customer engagement in accordance with our clients’ needs. We can provide a full multi-channel customer contact experience, including first contact resolution. We will also integrate our services with clients to create a true partnership that meets the customers’ needs, with the flexibility to adapt those services to meet future requirements. A fully scalable solution can be provided that can increase/decrease quickly.

Pulse Business Solutions also contributes to active partnerships, where innovative solutions are provided on an ongoing basis, and where value-added services are researched and implemented. Pulse Business Solutions will implement effective and consistent knowledge-management across the partnership, and detailed reporting that leads to business process improvement and higher levels of customer engagement/satisfaction. Furthermore, we will provide joint business and systems analysis to ensure an ongoing seamless partnership. Ultimately, Pulse Business Solutions will establish a dedicated customer relationship that is focused on delivering for the customer, enabling well-managed growth going forward.

Unique Call Centre Service: Database Cleansing

Database Cleansing is an extremely useful business tool. Over time, customer databases naturally get out of date, making it difficult to maintain contact with customers. It means that marketing collateral can go astray and contributes to a loss of customers who are no longer contacted on a regular basis.

At Pulse Business Solutions, we have many years’ experience in working through clients’ databases, making contact with their customers, and updating all the important contact information. This process can add considerable value as our calls reinforce a business’s brand to their customers and can offer the opportunity to generate ‘warm leads’ – as part of the call, we politely enquire: “is there anything we can help you with at present”.

Furthermore, a database cleanse can be used in conjunction with a major change in your products or services, adding a personal touch of contacting customers directly. Alternatively, you can also include a market research component – just add a few quick questions to gauge your company’s performance and customer perceptions. It may simply be a case that you haven’t been in contact with all your customers for a very long time and Pulse Business Solutions can provide the resources to reconnect with your customers, update stale information, and generate potential new business.

As confirmation of the success of our database cleansing service, we can simply refer to the businesses who continue to come back to Pulse Business Solutions for regular database cleansing and warm lead generation.

Importantly, we work closely with our Market Research company, Key Research, to provide a full suite of customer data cleansing, customer perception, and customer insights.

Another New Inbound Call Centre Client

Pulse Business Solutions is busy preparing for another new inbound client. The client moved to Pulse due to their current call centre provider’s lack of reporting and poor call quality. At Pulse, we were ready to step in and delight the client with comprehensive daily reporting and rigorous quality control processes that ensure we meet some of the strictest call centre quality measures. We want to stress to all organisations: if you’re not happy with your call centre provider then come and sample the Pulse Business Solutions difference – we treat your customers like they are our customers: we become you.

And the results speak for themselves. With the new client already on-board after only a short time, they are singing our praises.The new customer has remarked: “I have to say we are impressed, absolutely amazing service! All day yesterday and today my team have been saying how great Pulse are and what a difference in service we are receiving now”. It is great to receive this feedback and share it around the team.

To keep our standards high there is some serious training underway, here at Pulse Business Solutions. Call volumes are high so we have a new intake of eager recruits who have begun the journey to join our expert team. Initial training takes 4-6 weeks, followed by a number of intensive one-on-one sessions and ongoing refresher training. It sounds like a lot of training but Pulse Business Solutions is no ordinary contact centre: we ‘become our clients’ and add considerable added-value to achieve high rates of first call resolution. Pulse takes care of the regular customer interactions so our clients can focus on what they do best.

New “Thinkfield” Field Research Company

Exciting news from our sister companies across in Perth, Australia. A new company, Thinkfield, has been created through the merger of West Coast Field Services and Researchpanel. This brings together an amazing group of experts and field research skills to mean we have even more to offer our clients. In effect, two very successful businesses have joined to become an even bigger force. It’s an exciting time for the whole Key Research Group and we’re looking forward to working alongside the new entity.

Thinkfield have moved into brand new premises in Perth and will be under the very experienced management of Sandra Simpson. The whole team are very excited about how much more they can offer with the capabilities of the new entity – it really has taken the best of West Coast Field Services and Researchpanel to create a fantastic new field research company. The new website is coming soon at

Sharing our call centre expertise

Pulse Business Solutions was proud to host the management of another call centre recently so they could learn what makes us so special. Their senior management had been so impressed by outsourced work that Pulse had done for them, it was natural for them to see if they could replicate our performance in their own call centre. We prepared a training session for the call centre management team and went through a number of key areas, such as workflow management and quality control. It’s great to be able to share our skills with others in the industry and to be recognised as providers of exceptional contact centre products.

We also welcomed two more inbound clients to our ‘family’. It has been a frenetic few weeks but we thrive on pressure and have been impressing our new clients with the flexibility of our services. Our point of difference is that we’ve worked closely with these clients to develop a personalised service that meets their needs – we help them develop a customer service model that will delight their customers and help their business grow. We don’t just answer calls – we become our clients and we embody the same passions they have for their business.