New Year; New Call Centre Focus

We are all wondering where 2018 went after a very busy and productive 12 months. It was an exciting year with a new full-time outbound client, using four FTE on challenging calls to their shareholders. There was a lot for our four customer service representatives to learn across a number of services such as rural insurance, retail electricity suppliers, farm management software, and retail fuel suppliers. In 2019, we will continue to service our new client with new services being added for our team to discuss with their shareholders. And with some 60,000 shareholders in total, we expect the calls to continue throughout the year. Meanwhile, our regular inbound clients continue to rely on Pulse Business Solutions for full-service contact centre services, which go beyond the customers’ expectations.

Pulse Business Solutions will continue to provide outstanding call centre services to all of our clients, both inbound and outbound, throughout 2019. A number of our bigger clients continue to grow their business, which means more calls for us to handle in the next year. These trends have continued year on year and bode well for the New Zealand economy. We will look to build our client base in the insurance market where we have enormous expertise developed through many years of service with our existing clients. It is an area that will see a great deal of growth as insurance providers look to manage varying volumes of claims from storms and landslips.