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Pulse Call Centre – Market Research Fieldwork Quality

As a market research fieldwork call centre, Pulse puts a huge focus on ensuring the highest quality on all our outbound market research projects. Our clients expect the highest level of performance from an organisation of our background and we, in turn, expect the highest level of performance from all our staff.

Importantly, our staff are fieldworkers who must complete our market research fieldwork training before they are permitted to undertake surveys. In addition, we apply comprehensive quality monitoring to ensure our call centre staff operate at the levels expected. At the beginning of every market research project we apply a higher level of monitoring to ensure our agents understand the survey and are achieving the results required.

This early focus on our survey quality is an ideal opportunity to determine if any of the survey questions are unclear or if changes need to be made. At the same time we can quickly identify if any of our agents require an additional briefing or specific market research fieldwork training.


Market Research Fieldwork – Categories Measured

All agents are regularly audited with a significant focus on quality assurance at the start of the survey projects. Our objective is to pick up any issues early so they can be quickly resolved. We always aim to correct small issues with a survey or our agents well before it starts to affect the success of a project. The expected call quality score is 80% – at the Pulse Call Centre, our quality management team also focus on key market research fieldwork components such as probing for addition responses and adherence to the survey script.

Topics covered in market research fieldwork training and quality measures:

  • Definition of Market Research and introduction to surveys
  • Call Opening and positive attitude
  • How to successfully approach potential survey respondents
  • Market Research Society of New Zealand (MRSNZ) Code of Practice
  • Market Research fieldwork rules and fundamental principles
  • The Privacy Act
  • Script formats, screener questions, survey body, demographics, randomness of sample
  • Pre-coded questions, open-ended questions, attributes battery
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Fundamental principles of probing
  • Advanced probing techniques
  • Improving survey responses
  • Fieldwork performance measures
  • Voice as a tool for telephone interviewing


Call Centre Quality – Calibration Process

All the call centre auditors must attend regular calibration sessions to ensure that our call quality process is consistent across all auditors. This involves regular sessions reviewing our quality evaluation process and running test evaluations across the same calls. At Pulse, even our auditors must undergo regular quality assurance processes so that our high levels of fieldwork and survey quality is maintained.


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