Fieldwork Experience

Pulse Call Centre – Market Research Fieldwork Experience

Pulse has operated as a market research fieldwork call centre for a number of years and we have built up a vast wealth of experience in conducting market research surveys. We are fortunate to have a number of experienced staff who work on the surveys. This means that we have extensive fieldwork experience right from the call centre management through to the supervisors and call centre agents who are conducting the interviews.

Pulse has fieldwork experience across traditional phone surveys and online surveys. We work closely with our head office, Key Research, in Tauranga and with other market research companies, which has allowed us to create a very successful call centre operation. We also benefit from having two call centres, which gives us flexibility to expand as necessary and ‘guarantee of service’ to our clients.


Market Research Fieldwork – Industry Experience

Pulse Business Solutions has conducted market research fieldwork and surveys across a huge number of different industries.

Below is just a small sample of the fieldwork experience we’ve had over the last few years:

  • Brand health study for major chain of hardware stores
  • Residents satisfaction survey for an Australian city council
  • Regular residents roading survey for New Zealand district council
  • Yearly residents satisfaction survey for New Zealand district council
  • Customer satisfaction surveys for a catering and support services provider
  • Mystery shopping campaign for major telecommunications provider
  • Customer satisfaction surveys for a retail financial provider
  • Detailed consumer surveys for a livestock genetics provider
  • Opinion polling for major New Zealand newspaper
  • Customer satisfaction surveys for a major Australian office products provider
  • Detailed consumer surveys for an Australian vocational education and training provider
  • Usage and attitude/perception surveys for animal feed manufacturer
  • Needs identification for major worldwide lighting manufacturer
  • Needs identification from residents of Australian city council
  • Customer satisfaction surveys for an Australian dental products provider
  • Usage and attitude/perception surveys for gastric health providers and researchers
  • Needs identification for New Zealand grape growers
  • Usage and attitude/perception surveys for New Zealand sheep breeders
  • Database cleanse for industry training organisation
  • Database cleanse for leading packaging supplier
  • Database cleanse for children’s educational resources provider


Being a Market Research Fieldwork Call Centre

We’ve talked about our experience and the extensive background we have in surveys; however, it is just as important to talk about our attitudes and how we use our experience. At Pulse, we learn from our call centre experience and apply the lessons learnt to our future market research projects. We are always learning and we take the approach that we must be continually improving what we do so we provide the best fieldwork service for our clients.

We use the same approach with our staff, asking them to be active in giving us feedback and helping us to improve the service we provide. This means that we are not a ‘static’ organisation but rather an evolving call centre that is striving to adapt and improve.


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