Market Research Fieldwork

Pulse Business Solutions and our Market Research Fieldwork

Pulse works with businesses and leading Market Research companies, providing them with specialist interviewing resources from our call centre. Due to our extensive fieldwork and survey experience, Pulse has established itself as a trusted provider of these services. We have a number of regular clients whose ongoing patronage is testament to our value for money, adherence to quality, and excellent results.

Many call centres use temporary, inexperienced staff; Pulse uses fully trained, dedicated fieldwork staff to conduct our market research fieldwork and surveys – our approach provides better quality results and a better experience for our clients’ customers. Because we use regular staff and enjoy a low turnover, we are able to invest in training to further develop their survey skills.

Quality control is a key focus for Pulse Business Solutions. We use very active call centre management in monitoring survey results, improving hit rates, and ensuring quality outputs. Our team includes experienced call auditors and trainers to maximise the quality for our customers. Pulse also applies continuous improvement as a project is in progress – we don’t wait until after a project is completed to check the quality.

Pulse provides detailed activity and result reporting in a format of the client’s choice. We can also add further value to clients by utilising the experience of our parent company: Key Research, a dedicated full-service market research company.

Our Yearly Call Centre Activities…

Ranging from 200,000 to 500,000 outbound calls on dozens of different market research projects
Plus taking approximately 150,000 inbound calls, involving 1.40 million talk minutes

Types of Market Research Fieldwork and Surveys

We have provided call centre resources to perform many types of Market Research fieldwork and surveys, including:

  • Telephone surveys
  • In-depth interviewing
  • Exit interviewing
  • Usage and attitude/perception surveys
  • Opinion polling
  • Needs identification
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Brand tracking/awareness
  • Advertising effectiveness/awareness

Your Market Research Systems or Ours

Pulse can utilise your propriety research systems or our own, depending on the client’s requirements. We have our own, state of the art, survey system that is ‘cloud based’ and can be integrated into a website to provide online surveys.

Market Research Surveys in New Zealand or Australia

Both of our call centres have extensive experience in providing market research fieldwork and surveys across New Zealand and Australia. Our Antipodean accents are always well received on both sides of the Tasman and we enjoy on-going success with surveys carried out in either country. Our Australia experience encompasses a huge range of market research fieldwork and surveys from local councils through to large corporates. We also assist a number of market research agencies with their fieldwork in both countries.

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