Keeping Databases Current

Pulse Business Solutions has continued to build upon our data cleanse expertise with a number of large projects from new and repeat clients. By using our online interaction tool, we have engaged with our client’s customers through emails, SMS, and phone. The benefit of being a full-service contact centre means that we can also set up temporary 0800 numbers for customers to call us at a time that is convenient and update their details. The combination of online self-completion, email invites, access via mobile phones, and the personal touch via phone means that we have a very high percentage of completion rates. This means that our clients can keep their databases up to date far more efficiently.

We can take one case study, involving a 20,000+ contact database. Pulse Business Solutions used email invites initially for customers to complete their information online. Then we followed up with our outbound call centre team to complete the rest of the database. Not only were the majority of contact details updated, new contacts added, and additional customer information obtained but we were also able to complete some customer satisfaction questions to gather important customer insights. Far from being a simple call centre, Pulse Business Solutions can use a full range of contact centres services – we have the expertise and tools available to provide advanced inbound and outbound contact centre solutions.