Contact Centre Difference

It is important to highlight that Pulse Business Solutions is a full-service contact centre, providing quality first contact resolution for our clients. We differ greatly from simple call centres that provide restricted services. Pulse Business Solutions becomes a seamless extension of our clients, providing uninterrupted critical customer engagement in accordance with our clients’ needs. We can provide a full multi-channel customer contact experience, including first contact resolution. We will also integrate our services with clients to create a true partnership that meets the customers’ needs, with the flexibility to adapt those services to meet future requirements. A fully scalable solution can be provided that can increase/decrease quickly.

Pulse Business Solutions also contributes to active partnerships, where innovative solutions are provided on an ongoing basis, and where value-added services are researched and implemented. Pulse Business Solutions will implement effective and consistent knowledge-management across the partnership, and detailed reporting that leads to business process improvement and higher levels of customer engagement/satisfaction. Furthermore, we will provide joint business and systems analysis to ensure an ongoing seamless partnership. Ultimately, Pulse Business Solutions will establish a dedicated customer relationship that is focused on delivering for the customer, enabling well-managed growth going forward.