Database Cleansing

Database Cleansing is an extremely useful business tool. Over time, customer databases naturally get out of date, making it difficult to maintain contact with customers. It means that marketing collateral can go astray and contributes to a loss of customers who are no longer contacted on a regular basis.

At Pulse Business Solutions, we have many years’ experience in working through clients’ databases, making contact with their customers, and updating all the important contact information. This process can add considerable value as our calls reinforce a business’s brand to their customers and can offer the opportunity to generate ‘warm leads’ – as part of the call, we politely enquire: “is there anything we can help you with at present”.

Furthermore, a database cleanse can be used in conjunction with a major change in your products or services, adding a personal touch of contacting customers directly. Alternatively, you can also include a market research component – just add a few quick questions to gauge your company’s performance and customer perceptions. It may simply be a case that you haven’t been in contact with all your customers for a very long time and Pulse Business Solutions can provide the resources to reconnect with your customers, update stale information, and generate potential new business.

As confirmation of the success of our database cleansing service, we can simply refer to the businesses who continue to come back to Pulse Business Solutions for regular database cleansing and warm lead generation.

Database Cleansing / Warm Lead Generation

  • Contacting Customers to Update Contact Details
  • Contacting Customers to Confirm Active or Inactive Status
  • Database Cleansing prompted by Major Product or Service Change
  • Database Cleansing with Warm Lead Generation component
  • Database Cleansing with Market Research component
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