Outbound Call Centre

Pulse was originally set up to handle market research fieldwork. Over the years our call centres have made hundreds of thousands of calls to respondents in both New Zealand and Australia. We have established ourselves as fieldwork specialists and enjoy repeat business from a number of organisations. Pulse’s key benefit is the ability to work on a huge variety of projects across many different sectors. For example, our agents are as proficient at outbound surveys for local councils as they are working on surveys in the health sector.

Pulse enjoys the benefits of working closely with a number of market research companies who use our call centre expertise to complete their fieldwork. These companies may be based in New Zealand or Australia and underlines our flexibility in working on different projects with different clients.

Outbound Call Centre Services provided by Pulse

  • Telephone surveys
  • In-depth interviewing
  • Appointment setting
  • Exit Interviewing
  • Usage and attitude/perception surveys
  • Opinion polling
  • Needs identification
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Brand tracking/awareness
  • Advertising effectiveness/awareness

Pulse adjusts and modifies campaigns and surveys continuously to maximise our success rate and achieve high quality calls. If we’re not getting the required responses or survey hit rates, the Pulse team will review the campaign and work through the issues with you to see how the project can be improved. Often a small change to a script or modifying our approach to a survey can be all that’s needed to increase the success of a project.

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