Our Call Centre Services

Pulse’s call centre services are not restricted to those listed on this page; we pride ourselves on being adaptable and innovative. Pulse will tailor a call centre solution to your needs and adapt that solution as circumstances or customer needs change. Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your requirements.

Pulse Business Solutions handles complex value-added tasks for our clients. This is our ‘point of difference’: Pulse is not simply a call centre but also an outsource provider of complex administrative tasks. Importantly, we have the operational processes and management structure that allows the efficient introduction of complex call handling and to meet strict quality requirements.

Pulse Inbound Call Centre services deal with calls made by consumers to obtain information, report a problem, or request assistance. These types of services are crucial to most businesses, such as utility companies and mail-order catalogue firms, but entail a great deal of maintenance and cost for those businesses. As such, outsourcing these tasks to Pulse is a sound business approach. Effective outsourcing of this relationship delivers customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing your market share.

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Pulse Outbound Call Centre services are designed to achieve results. We adjust and modify campaigns continuously to maximise positive outcomes and ensure high quality calls are achieved. If we’re not getting the required responses, the Pulse team will review the campaign and work through the issues with you to see how the project can be improved. Often a small change to a script or slightly adapting our approach can be all that’s needed to improve results.

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Pulse Rapid Response Call Centre services assist clients, during increased call demand. We can deal with calls made by your customers, gathering valuable information while ensuring a positive and meaningful customer experience. The Pulse customer service team are specially trained to represent your brand or business to full advantage.

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Importantly, Pulse isn’t just a telephone-based call centre; we can handle inbound and outbound call centre services via a range of media: telephone, email, SMS, and social media. Furthermore, we strive to add value for our clients and frequently take on additional administrative tasks as required.

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