Another New Inbound Call Centre Client

Pulse Business Solutions is busy preparing for another new inbound client. The client moved to Pulse due to their current call centre provider’s lack of reporting and poor call quality. At Pulse, we were ready to step in and delight the client with comprehensive daily reporting and rigorous quality control processes that ensure we meet some of the strictest call centre quality measures. We want to stress to all organisations: if you’re not happy with your call centre provider then come and sample the Pulse Business Solutions difference – we treat your customers like they are our customers: we become you.

And the results speak for themselves. With the new client already on-board after only a short time, they are singing our praises.The new customer has remarked: “I have to say we are impressed, absolutely amazing service! All day yesterday and today my team have been saying how great Pulse are and what a difference in service we are receiving now”. It is great to receive this feedback and share it around the team.

To keep our standards high there is some serious training underway, here at Pulse Business Solutions. Call volumes are high so we have a new intake of eager recruits who have begun the journey to join our expert team. Initial training takes 4-6 weeks, followed by a number of intensive one-on-one sessions and ongoing refresher training. It sounds like a lot of training but Pulse Business Solutions is no ordinary contact centre: we ‘become our clients’ and add considerable added-value to achieve high rates of first call resolution. Pulse takes care of the regular customer interactions so our clients can focus on what they do best.