Call Centre Management

Pulse Call Centre Analysis – Call Data Extracted

At the Pulse call centre we are extracting and analysing our call data every day. This is a vital component of our call centre management to ensure that our performance is matching the high standards we have set for ourselves. Our success relies on monitoring and managing our performance.

Some of the call centre metrics that are monitored on a daily basis include:

  • Number of completed inbound calls
  • Received calls that were not answered
  • Average time taken to answer the calls
  • Number of call abandoned
  • Average time before calls abandoned
  • Average talk time per call
  • Total time spent on calls
  • Total time available to take calls
  • Total time customers are placed on hold
  • Total time on after-call work
  • Number of outbound calls
  • Total time spent on outbound calls
  • Total time staffed for the day

From these call centre metrics we ascertain:

  • Total calls taken for the client
  • Total time spent on calls for the client
  • Adherence time per agent
  • Occupancy time per agent
  • Abandoned calls ratio


Pulse Call Centre Management – Analytical Processes

Data is then matched against the forecasted call volumes and our service level agreement with our clients. We evaluate how well the call centre has done for each client and if we are meeting our established service level agreements. This evaluation allows us to staff our two call centres appropriately to meet call demands. In addition, we use the daily monitoring to check and adjust our forecasting to ensure we have the appropriate number of agents available for each client.

We also use this data to evaluate how well each agent has performed against their Key Performance Indicators (KPI). We can identify and reward good performance; we can also identify and address performance that is below expected standards.

Alongside the analysis of the call centre metrics, Pulse has a strong focus on call quality and our agents’ customer service skills, which is outlined on the Call Centre Quality page under Why Choose Pulse.


Pulse Call Centre Management – ‘Live Management’

It’s all very well to carry out a detailed analysis of our historic performance but Pulse Call Centres also have a clear focus on managing our agents throughout the day. We moved to a new VOIP telephony system, Fonality Trixbox, in September of 2012 and that has provided us with a number of useful call centre management tools.

Using a clever desk-top application called HUD we can monitor all of our queues and all of our agents. We can see how many calls we have taken, how quickly calls are being answered, how many calls (if any) have been abandoned, what each agent is doing, how many agents are available… a lot of information! This allows us to ensure that our Service Level Agreements are being met and if we need to put more agents on to answer calls, which can be done very quickly. The Trixbox HUD application that we use has clever colour coding on the monitoring screen, which allows for efficient management of our resources.

Our Fonality Trixbox PBX is supported by HiTech Solutions and is housed in a secure datacentre alongside our primary telephony provider, CallNet.


Pulse Call Centre Management – Call Numbers Handled

As an example of the call volumes that Pulse handles, take a look at our previous years’ data:

2016 data:
140,000 outbound calls on 50 different market research and outbound projects
115,000 inbound calls, involving 750,000 talk minutes

2015 data:
110,000 outbound calls on 32 different market research and outbound projects
112,000 inbound calls, involving 705,000 talk minutes

2014 data:
440,000 outbound calls on 42 different market research and outbound projects
160,000 inbound calls, involving 1.05 million talk minutes

2013 data:
500,000 outbound calls on 35 different market research and outbound projects
145,000 inbound calls, involving 1.38 million talk minutes

2012 data:
150,000 outbound calls on 27 different market research and outbound projects
144,000 inbound calls, involving 1.22 million talk minutes

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