2018 Call Centre Opportunities

We’re into the New Year with a hiss and a roar. The contact centre teams are energised ahead of an exciting 2018. Of course, call centres don’t actually stop taking calls over the Xmas break. Ahead of us we have a number of existing clients who are all experiencing consistence growth, leading to a natural increase in inbound calls. Pulse Business Solutions is also pursuing a number of opportunities, both in New Zealand and Australia. This is led by our new Group General Manager, Robert Young, who is based in Tauranga with the Key Research Group. In addition to our inbound call centre services, we’re also expecting an increase in outbound data cleanse projects and market research fieldwork.

Pulse Business Solutions is seeing a promising growth in the number of clients asking us to handle their data cleanse projects. As all businesses experience, customer data gets out of date very quickly. Our outbound data cleanse services gets customer data refreshed and also provides the opportunity to include ‘warm lead generation’ – it’s an effective tool to generate new leads from existing customers… or customers that have been dormant for a period of time. Australian opportunities are increasing as businesses look to bring their inbound contact centres back to Australasia. We’re also seeing plenty of interest from clients who are fed up with ‘cheap and cheerful’ call centres that lack quality services.