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Pulse is a specialist Inbound and Outbound Call Centre. With our multi-industry experience, Pulse can add value to your organisation. This can be either for a one-off campaign or an on-going basis. Our talented and experienced contact centre staff will collaborate with you to provide a solution that works!

Pulse puts a little of our New Zealand Charm into every one of your customer contacts. With our loyal staff and Kiwi Voices we will help you build your business – you won’t need to make the commitment or pay the cost of employing and managing your own call centre staff.

AUT Business Support Awards.

Pulse’s New Zealand call centre has enjoyed on-going success in delivering quality market research fieldwork and survey solutions to a large number of businesses across a wide range of industries. In addition, our inbound call centre services efficiently deal with calls made by consumers to obtain information, report a problem, or request assistance.

These call centre services are crucial to many businesses but entail a great deal of management and cost for those businesses if they provide them ‘in-house’. Accordingly, outsourcing your call centre services and market research fieldwork to Pulse Business Solutions makes sound business sense.

Inbound Call Centre

  • Inbound communications (0800 client lines)
  • Customer Services
  • Tech Support
  • Order fulfilment
  • Help desk

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Outbound Call Centre

  • Telephone surveys
  • Data cleanse projects
  • In-depth interviewing
  • Appointment setting
  • Usage and attitude/perception surveys
  • Opinion polling
  • Needs identification
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Brand tracking/awareness
  • Advertising effectiveness/awareness

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Rapid Response

  • Crisis management
  • Service interruptions
  • Disaster relief communications
  • Risk mitigation services
  • Product re-calls
  • Product liability customer support

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Outsourcing customer contacts to a dedicated call centre provider like Pulse allows businesses to shift their focus from managing customer care to managing results and growth. An effective call centre outsourcing relationship delivers customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and helps businesses increase market share.

Pulse creates on-going, tangible value. Outsourcing can increase service levels and productivity by streamlining your customer management. Typical Pulse call centre services include inbound customer service enquiries, telephone surveys, and some back office and administration functions.

Our point of difference is the ability to handle complex projects, whether they are challenging inbound calls or complicated outbound surveys. Importantly, these projects are managed by experienced staff with a real focus on consistent and measurable quality of service. In addition, our call centres can operate across a range of media: telephone, web-based, email, and social media.

Our New Zealand call centre works hard to achieve results – that is our focus. At Pulse we make every call count for our clients and we pride ourselves on providing professional first impressions: in effect, ‘we become you’.

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