Inbound Call Centre

Pulse’s call centres have established a trusted reputation when dealing with inbound customer service calls. One key stand-out is that Pulse is able to handle complex customer service tasks, setting a focus on first call resolution. This means that Pulse can undertake a large portion of the process, saving our clients time and money.

An obvious example of where Pulse’s call centre services have impressed is with the handling of calls for the Earthquake Commission. These are challenging calls and require an extremely high level of skills from our call centre agents.

Inbound Call Centre Services provided by Pulse

  • Inbound communications (0800 client lines)
  • Customer Services
  • Tech Support
  • Order fulfilment
  • Help desk

With the inbound services that Pulse offers, there is again a huge focus on quality control. We apply a range of call centre best practices in managing our performance. This includes daily monitoring of our agents’ adherence rates, occupancy, average call length, after-call work, hold time. In addition, we have a team of auditors who ensure our agents are meeting clients’ quality expectations. We have set Key Performance Indicators that our call centre agents must meet.

In order to perform as expected, Pulse uses effective training programs to train new staff and maintain existing staff at expected levels. We also ensure our management and supervisory staff receive the appropriate call centre training to maintain our performance levels. Pulse even goes to the extent of have regular calibration sessions for our auditors to ensure our quality measures are consistent.

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