We Become You

Pulse Business Solutions: “We Become You”. This has been our mantra over the years – our agents are not just taking calls; they are consistently providing outstanding customer service and completing value-add tasks. When “We Become You” it is a total mind-set of taking on the values of our clients and the determination to delight the customer, who is calling into our call centre. It is about providing seamless customer experiences and first call resolution, completing complex customer-facing tasks so our clients can focus on their business. Visit our website and see how “We Become You”.

Pulse Business Solutions: Call Centre or Contact Centre? Put simply: we’ll be whatever you want us to be. Pulse has the advantage of providing flexibility for our clients – we can be an outbound call centre for your market research projects or ‘we can become you’ and provide inbound contact centre services. We have a very experienced team of professionals that are adaptable and customer-focused. The important point-of-difference over our competition is that Pulse can be a call centre or a contact centre: you decide. Visit our website and find out what value we can add to your business.