New Inbound Call Centre Clients

Pulse Business Solutions spent this week trying to catch our breath with two new inbound clients being implemented, new training being rolled out for two existing clients, and three outbound lead generation projects in full swing. It’s fortunate that we have such a great team of experienced staff who are well organised. The secret is having the operational plans in place that allow us to handle dramatic increases in volumes – it’s part of the reason that our clients trust us with their precious customers. Give us a call and find out how to get some contact centre ‘peace of mind’.

Prior to last week, the Pulse call centre was also buzzing after we had a new client on-hand to help kick-off a brand new long-term project. It was outbound calling and we had a blast! The client was impressed at how wonderful our skilled agents sounded on the phones and how efficiently they were calling, achieving results far better than the client expected. It was particularly exciting to watch us adding value for a client who does not have the in-house skills for this type of specialised project.