Call Centre with Serious Added Value

One of Pulse’s guiding principles is Serious Added Value and we certainly deliver on that every day. For one client, our CSRs must undertake three weeks’ of intensive training and it can take six months before they are fully conversant with all aspects of the job. We’re not just answering calls – we become our client and we provide serious added value, undertaking extremely complex front-line tasks. Outsourcing call centre services is extremely cost effective for our clients and they have the confidence in letting Pulse handle their customer contacts.

Pulse Business Solutions has come a long way since joining the Key Research group of companies and one of our key strengths is our people. We have the advantage of two very stable and mature workforces in Oamaru and Tauranga. In addition, we have built very strong and stable management teams, helmed by two very capable and experienced call centre managers: Candy and Megan. Both managers strive for excellence and delighting the customer; they are also constantly looking at ways to add value.