Call Centre that cares about its customers

Customer feedback from the end of last year indicated that many clients consider us “part of their family”. That made us feel very proud of the call centre service we provide and it comes about because we really care about our clients. Caring is the most important part to providing good customer service: we want to do an exceptional job and to help our clients succeed. There is also a determined focus on making our call centre better because we care about the service we deliver.

But what does ‘caring’ mean and how can it be measured? This is an important consideration because it’s very easy to say you care about customers but how does a call centre actually measure ‘caring’. With our Pulse contact centres we have established performance metrics that allow us to monitor our agents’ performance. We measure how many mistakes they make and we listen to calls. Agents that truly care about the service they provide make fewer mistakes – that’s simply because they care about the outcome and they take care in their work. At the same time, when we review calls, we have audit components that specifically gauge the empathy our agents show with customers and the care they are taking in doing a good job on the phones.

So, in summary, you can’t just say ‘caring'; you also have to do ‘caring’. Any if you truly care about your customers then it will show in your overall customer service.